Ask These 7 Questions Before Hiring An SEO Company
December 28, 2018

Blogging is like creating a whole new world. You get to be the creator here and only you decide what goes there. You create them, modify them, and make them open for everything – a lot of work, right?

That’s why lots of bloggers decide to outsource the SEO responsibilities to someone or some company. It gives them more time to concentrate on the creative part.

However, sometimes, this could go wrong, especially when you hired the wrong person or company for the job.

Better safe than sorry.

Here are 7 questions that you can ask the SEO company to know about their capability before hiring them.

What do you offer?

It is important you have a clear idea on what you are going to expect or what they are offering with this deal.

If I need to hire an SEO company, I’ll look for one that provides me with content writing services, with link building, Social Media Optimization, Off-page SEO and On-page SEO for starters.

How will your company help me improve the ranking?

Ask them what their strategy is. If they have a solid plan to improve the ranking for you, be sure they have done enough research.

But expect a whole lot of details. After all, a magician doesn’t reveal its secret.

How will they track the results?

Along with implementing their strategy and using every tool possible, it is important that your SEO Company reports back to you with the detailed tracked results.

Ask them how will they do it or what tools or process will they be using for tracking the improvements.

What will be the payment structure?

It is wise to sort out the payment details before finalizing the deal.

Ask them about their refund policy. Willthey take the payment yearly, on a monthly basis or weekly? What payment methods do they accept? What are the charges for their services? These are the questions you’ll need the answers for.

Do you have my niche specific experience?

Sometimes one strategy doesn’t work everywhere.

The approach they took with a food blog site might not work for your gadget enthusiasm. That is why it is better that you hire someone with experience in your niche.

If they have prior knowledge about your industry, you should also ask about the jobs specifically that they have done. This way you’ll be sure of the experience they are referring to.

How will we communicate?

Communication is important. Your SEO company should maintain a healthy communication with you.

They should keep you up to date on the latest results and overall performance of the site.

Make sure you and your SEO company have a common ground where you can contact and explain things to one another. Along with asking for their availability, also tell yours. Let them know when you’ll be able to communicate online and when over a phone.

Why should I hire you?

Lastly, with this question, decide what you are going to do. Even if you had confusion about the SEO company, after hearing the answer, you are most probably going to take a firm decision. That’s why all of these questions are important to ask before finalizing anything.

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