6 Things To Do every Once In A While To Boost Conversion

Conversion is not constant. A company might have a good conversion rate now but if they don’t keep up the marketing and bringing traffic to the sites, the conversion will not remain the same. They will decrease.

But only advertising your service or product or bringing traffic won’t be enough. Your business requires much more.

Here are 6 things that you can do every once in a while to boost the conversion rate.

1.   Track conversions that lead to sales

Understanding the buying cycles of your customers is important. If you can analyze and identify the contents thatlead up to the sale, you can emphasize on that even more.

For example, look which landing page works best for you. Try out different marketing strategiesand see which one is perfect for your target audience. Then analyze the stats for further understanding.

2.   Make changes in the schedule

Don’t get stuck withonly Sundays or Fridays or Tuesdays. Try different days of the week.

If you are posting your blogs on Sundays, try other days and see how many people you reach.

If you are running any promotions on a particular day or week of the month, try changing the time and see if itworks out for your business.

3.   Understand your competitors’ strategy

I’m not talking about copying your competitors’ idea or marketing strategy. I’m talking about keeping an eye for theirstrategies.

For example, let’s say your competitor is giving away free eBooks for signing up or for subscribing. So you can take inspiration from them and giveaway free checklists and eBooks for sign-ups. This way, you are already better toyour customers.

4.   Give them what they want: Proof

Your visitors will not buy into your product or service that easily. They’ll definitely need to be sure about your services and they must be able to trust you.

In this situation, what you should do is give them testimonials and proof that you have customers who rely on you.

Get some of your previous customers to write a testimonial for you. Also, if you are expecting subscribers, show them how many you have. Have a bold box above the subscription box showing your subscribers count.

5.   Don’t overwhelm with too many options

Too many options on a page is distracting. It decreases the conversion rate. So, every once in a while, make sure to check the content of your webpages.

Also, don’t force your customers to fill up everything on one page. One step at a time.

6.   Bring change into email campaigns

Email campaign is one of the most effective ways to bring customers who haven’t been to your site lately. Also, email marketing can also bring unique traffic if proper leads are given. However, the same type of emails may just bore the reader. If they see a mail with the same subject they have been receiving for the last few weeks, he’ll never open it and at the worst-case scenario, it might even be marked as spam. So, try out different elements. Change the subjects and visual elements in the body. This will definitely help you boost the conversion.

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