5 Visual Tweaks That You Can Make To Increase Conversion

The visual content has a great impact on your website’s conversion. That being said, here are 5 tweaks that you can make to your landing page and increase conversion exponentially.

1.      Show what you want to show

If you are using AdWords or any other form of PPC ads,you are familiar with how it works.

But many people make a common mistake of leading the visitors to their homepage or a category page.

It doesn’t work well as the visitors are there to see the advertised product or service. So, if you don’t show them what they came here for, they might close the tab and move forward.

To keep them on your site, you must welcome them with a product page showing some images of the product or visual representation of the service along with a brief yet complete description. This is what your visitors want to see when they click on the PPC ad.

2.      Show how many you have left in stock

When your visitors see that there are only a few left in stock, they will feel the urge to place an order right now instead of pushing it into the bookmarks for later.

So, include phrases like “Only 8 left in stock” on the page and mentally get them to place an order.

3.      Try a variation of the Call-To-Action button

Instead of just using “buy now”, you can use other phrases and see how it goes.

You don’t know how much your CTA button can affect your conversation. For example, when they see “pay now” on your check out page, they’ll only think about the amount they are paying at that moment, which can be a factor in decreasing your conversion.

But if the visitors see phrases like this “get yours now”, “Take one home”, they will feel like a winner and grabbing the product will be like an achievement. So, try using creative and different CTAs. See which one works best for you.

4.      Show the value of your product/service

Yes, showing the price is important but showing the value or potential of the products iseven more important.

Show them visualcontents to prove that your products have good potential and they can be of their use.

5.      Remove the distracting contents

I know you have invested a lot of time and effort in planning the web pages and the contents but that doesn’t mean you have to overwhelm your visitors with them, especially when you are running PPC ad campaign.

When the visitors from the PPC ad click on the link he/she won’t want to see everything you have to offer. Just show what searched for. So, removing all the distracting contents from the landing page is the best thing to do. Only keep things that are related to the visitor, don’t show the toasters you are selling when the visitors came for a coffee machine. Being irritated, they may not purchase from you at all.

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