Strategies Developed by Top Firms on the Proper Use of Machine Learning

One of the problems with machine learning is determining a proper use case. Despite this, there are numerous major companies that use machine learning to boost themselves. And given the current recent expected growth of machine learning to become a multi billion-dollar industry, implementing machine learning into your company’s strategy is becoming increasingly important. Here are some strategies used by major companies.

Predicting the future by learning from the present

The retail company Target has been notoriously using machine learning to predict customers who may be pregnant. This has been so successful that they are able to determine which trimester the pregnant woman might be in based on what she has purchased. This is based on the fact that people who through their own motions when purchasing items and services. Recommending pregnancy related to products to a pregnant woman will more likely result in a purchase. In a similar manner, selling car insurance to a person who has just purchased a car is far more effective than showing that person new car advertisements. And this is where machine learning excels. It can be used to determine and recommend items to customers based on their current situation and needs, making it one of the best marketing strategies of the future.

Presenting a perfect preview

Twitter has perfected their thumbnails with the help of neural networks. Their problem was presenting users with thumbnails that took away from the actual object of interest of the image. And they have solved this, by using machine learning to crop and adjust images posted by its users and transforming them into interesting and attractive low-resolution preview images which include the object of interest. You can use Twitter to help you decide what aspect of images related to your brand will produce maximum engagement with your audience.

Customizing customer journeys

Another retail giant Alibaba has been using machine learning to deliver each customer a different experience when shopping on their site. Their recommendations for products, down to what they search and the results they get is unique for each customer based on their shopping history. The platform is designed to engage with the user and learn in order to make accurate predictions and understand what the shopper wants and needs.

Embracing a collective experience

Apple has recently patented a technique which uses machine learning to adapt their ecosystem in such a way, that the different devices can now offer an almost seamless experience. This approach uses machine learning across multiple devices to learn about a single user and cater to that user’s needs accordingly. Adopting such a technique can help users feel like they are using a single system spread across multiple devices instead of adapting to each device or app differently.

Machine learning for the future

Machine learning is paving the way for a smarter and more consumer-friendly future which allows business to adapt to the needs of specific users, however, we still have a long way to go.

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