Focus on Your Invisible Return on Investment to Evaluate Your Marketing Success

Numbers are very important for business.

Your total number of visitors, conversion rate, unique visitors, webinar attendees, Facebook likes, etc. are just number and yet they represent your marketing success to an extent.

Apart from these numbers, there are other invisible things that are important to your business.

Many people like to call them “Invisible Return on investment” or “Invisible ROI” for short.

This Invisible ROI needs your focus and by focusing on them, you can actually evaluate your marketing success.

The Relationships between you & your clients or visitors

One mistake that entrepreneurs often make is meeting with a bunch of people with an endgame in mind.

The endgame is him helping you with the publicity in his network or introducing you to other investors of a potential group of clients, etc.

Whatever the endgame is, this is not the best approach.

You shouldn’t have an endgame in your mind when you think of building a relationship with your clients. The reason why I’m telling you to not think about the endgame is when it comes to success, it centers on the mutual trust.

So, commit your money, time and resources to meet the right people, not for the right endgame. And when you do, you’ll see some good long lasting relationships which will reflect your overall marketing success.

The fans

Another mistake most entrepreneurs do is thinking of their customers like commodities.

No, they are definitely not. Stop thinking of them as your commodities and start thinking of them as your fans.

What happens when Elon Musk goes to an event? Does he treat the audience as their commodities or customers? No. The audience is his fans and this is what makes Elon Musk so successful. He is able to make a fan base, which has converted into success. But the fanbase is only possible when your visitors, audience or customers have a similar way of thinking.

If you have a big fanbase, this means you have that number of people around your business who share the same ides like you, they think like you, perhaps they’d even act like you in some incidents. This proves how successful your marketing has been so far.

Your awareness will tell you

Thanks to recent advances in communication technolog;brands and companies now can be omnipresent, which was nearly impossible for an emerging or even a hit brand.

But things have changed. You can now become the “expert-to-go” for a specific issue, which is a clear indication that your marketing strategy is a hit.

This is similar to the fanbase but this time, instead of the fanbase, your consciousness will reflect the success. You’ll know if your words or campaign is making any difference or not.

Conclusion: Don’t be hopeless if your relationships with your clients aren’t going too well. Don’t feel insignificant if you don’t have a strong fanbase yet. Don’t feel like a failure if your words can’t make a big difference yet.

Invest your money, time and resources well and you’ll soon be at the top of the chain. All you need is constant monitoring of the feats you achieved and the numbers. So buckle up to meet new people, make a new fanbase, push your words to the community and success will be just around the corner.

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