Month: October 2018

Focus on Your Invisible Return on Investment to Evaluate Your Marketing Success

Numbers are very important for business. Your total number of visitors, conversion rate, unique visitors, webinar attendees, Facebook likes, etc. are just number and yet they represent your marketing success to an extent. Apart from these numbers, there are other

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Best 5 Free Marketing Tools For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs understand the worth of every penny. That’s why they don’t like to overspend their money on something that can be done with less or no cost at all. While paid marketing tools are extremely common, there are some free

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Taxes for Self-Employed Individuals or Startup Entrepreneurs

For the startup entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals, it is easier to forget about the taxes. Unlike the W2 employees, their taxes aren’t deducted from their paycheck because they are giving those checks to themselves. Besides, for the self-employed taxpayers, the

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