Mobile Checkout Screen Designs for Your Business

If you were not living under a rock for the last few years, you know how much impact the mobile users can have on your sales. To be honest, most online sales come from mobile users these days. That’s why optimizing your site for mobile users is as much important as your web version, if not more.

Almost all the online stores have their web version or PC version sorted. But only a few really care about how their UI looks and feels for the mobile users. These are the ones who try everything to get their customer a better deal than others, but still fail to rise above thousands of others.

So, if you don’t want to be on the list of losers, you should pay attention to the designs I suggest for your payment check-out page, optimized for mobile users.


Using a Step-By-Step Check-out Flow

Bought anything from Amazon and eBay? I bet you did. I also bet you find their checkout pages to be simple and helpful, almost like Amazon is guiding you through the checkout person like a person would help you cross the road. The process feels so co-operative.

You must become just that, co-operative. If your customers feel like they are being given a test instead of being guided throughout the process, what makes you think they’ll keep going? No one likes tests.

So, what you can do is create a guide-like process for the entire check-out system. If the customers find the process to be helpful, they will realize how dedicated you are to your clients. This way, you not only get more sales, but also increase your reputation.


Easy Editing Options

Your customer will not buy everything they put in their cart. Sometimes they would like to change some of their options. For example, they might want to get the XL shirt instead of XXL or just want 2 pairs of socks instead of one. That’s why you need to ensure the check-out page on mobile devices is easily accessible and changeable.


Linking Payment Methods

Accessing the payment methods with a laptop or desktop is easier. But often the mobile optimized payment system is not streamlined to ease-out payment processors for the billing, which is why customers are forced to opt-out from the site. So, make sure the payment processor is easier to link for the checkouts.


Final Overview Page Before Purchase

So, your customer has chosen his favorite shoes, picked the color, adjusted the size, added a payment method,etc.Now it’s time for him to check-out. But there will be some people who would like to see everything in one place before making the payment. You cannot blame them for wanting everything in one place.

Accidents happen. He might have selected the wrong size or the wrong color, or even it could be nothing. But if he could see what he just ordered and how much it’s going to cost him, he might be less worried about the order placement than without seeing the details at all.

You can spare him from this and all you must do is give all the details regarding the order on the last page. That way, your clients are happy and so are you.


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