7 Steps To Create The Ultimate Digital Experience

Building the ultimate digital experience is an art, combined with science and psychology. It’s complicated. That’s why most people suffer to realize what the ultimate digital experience should feel like. Plus, there’s no guarantee that UI designer team is from the majority. However, by following these 7 steps, it’s easy to create the ultimate digital experience for your audience. You and your team just need to follow these steps and act accordingly to develop the UI that will keep your audience engaged and your conversions high.


Step 1: Work for the user types

You don’t need to know everything about a customer or audience to design the interface. You just need to know the different categories of user preferences for a specific part. Select a target audience and figure out how they like to shop or browse online. Keeping that in mind, design the basic layout.


Step 2:Keep things simple

Design the interface in a way that your audience is engaged from the very moment your page loads on their computer. Don’t distract them with too many things on the screen. Keep the pages clean and fresh.

If your page is filled with unnecessary and fluffy contents, your visitor won’t find what they are looking for and most probably will leave your site forever.


Step 3: Make things visible

When you are done removing the unnecessary contents and elements from the site, it’s time to make the things visible that are left in the layout.

There should be only a few things and you need to fill the pages with them. Highlight them with clear, bold and big fonts and vibrant colors. But keep enough space between them so that they can hover their mouse for a while and think about your products.


Step 4: Keep all types of devices in mind

When you are designing with your desktop, it’s hard to guess how it will look from a mobile or tablet. But that shouldn’t stop you from trialing and testing for other devices. Remember, mobile and tablet users are the majority these days. You simply can’t ignore or care “less”about them.


Step 5: What you think is good – is not good all the time

Don’t rely on your feelings only. Just because you like it doesn’t mean other people will like it. That’s why you put your interface into trial and test environments. Ask for other’s opinions, especially your team. They care for the website the most. So, they will give the most honest opinion on your work.


Step 6: Integrate Social

People like to interact. That’s why social media these days is so popular. So, if you can make the platform interactive and social, people will find it engaging. Besides, people will be more into your platform after they see other fellow users’ contents and contributions.


Step 7: Allow customization

This is a part that most choose to ignore. That’s because it’s not easy to build a platform that is customized for each user. However, once you make such a platform, you’ll instantly realize how people want to see things in their own way. You’ll know that people love to make things on their own. Besides, if you allow customization,  if anything is bothering your customer, he will be able change it at any time. Your audience is happy, you are happy and so is your bank account.


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