Month: January 2018

5 Reasons for Blockchain Excitement

Even if you never heard about Blockchain, somehow your personal and professional life is being impacted by the next big thing of today’s Fintech portals. Everyone is talking about Blockchain. Mostly appreciating and welcoming the concept and discussing its uncertain

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Low-Cost Startup Ideas for Introverts

I know that it’s hard to get your words out of your mouth, especially when you are an introvert and cannot express yourself in front of a live audience. So the best way you can open up in the world

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Charles K. Carillo; Shopify or Woocommerce What’s The Best Option for Your Online Store

Although there are several e-commerce platforms available, very few of them have the features that can help your business in a true sense. Among them, Shopify is one of the biggest platforms with more than 400,000 stores and $34 Billion

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Reason Behind Brutalism in Web Design

We all have seen those sites that we can’t figure out why they are using such bold, vibrant colors combined with oversized and clumsy typography. Clearly, there had to be some explanation on why this brutalism in web design. The

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Looking for a New Payment Platform?

As a sole owner of my company, I need to manage everything on my own. Our website, payment platform, employees, and other things. Some of them don’t take much time or effort. My HR department and managers can handle those

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