Year: 2018

Ask These 7 Questions Before Hiring An SEO Company

Blogging is like creating a whole new world. You get to be the creator here and only you decide what goes there. You create them, modify them, and make them open for everything – a lot of work, right? That’s

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6 Things To Do every Once In A While To Boost Conversion

Conversion is not constant. A company might have a good conversion rate now but if they don’t keep up the marketing and bringing traffic to the sites, the conversion will not remain the same. They will decrease. But only advertising

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4 Types Of Renovating That Are Best Left Undone

When it comes to rehabbing investment properties, there are a few things about renovating that are best left undone.   Today, let’s talk about that:  1.   Poor Return on Investment Repairs   There was a study by the National Association of Realtors that came out

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5 Visual Tweaks That You Can Make To Increase Conversion

The visual content has a great impact on your website’s conversion. That being said, here are 5 tweaks that you can make to your landing page and increase conversion exponentially. 1.      Show what you want to show If you are

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Accepting Online Payments: 3 Easy Ways

Ask anyone – how would they want to pay their bills? Most of them will nod their head for online payments, if not all of them. It has become a norm these days to pay any bills online and amid

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4 Tips On Cutting Losses In Real Estate

A wrong folder deleted in your laptop? Press CTRL + Z and it will be restored. But same can’t be said for your investment that you lost in real estate. That’s why it’s is better to have precautions before making

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4 Reasons You Should Invest In Affordable Housing For The Long Haul

I was asked several times to explain the reasons behind my investments in affordable housing for the long haul. I thought, why should I explain to one person at a time when I can get it done once and for

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4 Real Estate Asset Investments To Help You Retire Rich

Real estate investment is easy and difficult at the same time. If you don’t get the hang of it, no matter how much you invest, you won’t be able to ensure a good retirement. But once you start strategizing with

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Signature & Chip vs. PIN & Chip

Transactions have been rocky at best since the introduction of EMV chips in Credit/Debit cards. Even after almost 3 years, business owners and consumers both are still confused about some of the facts regarding these cards. Some even so confused

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4 Amazing Tips for First-Time Crowdsourcing Real Estate Investors

After Obama signed The JOBS Act (The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) at 2012, firms were allowed to market private investments openly to the public. This act let many individual investors become real estate investors and since then, crowdsourcing sites

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