Have You Outgrown Your Web Hosting?

Not too many moons ago, we were given only a limited amount of choices for the bandwidth and disk space. But now we have literally unlimited options to choose from. And with the decrease of hosting and maintenance charges, we can now get even more storage and bandwidth to satisfy our needs.

But one thing we should remember that web hosting is not like gas or electricity. It has lots of moving parts that need to work simultaneously to give you a smooth web experience. That’s why, for an uninterrupted service, choosing a low-cost host may seem like a rational choice but it’s actually not.

Here are few things that might help you check if you’ve outgrown your web hosting.

Loading Time

Load speed is the time needed to fully load your site with a browser. You can check the speed with many pages like Pingdom.

This load time is significant to determine your site capacity and capability. Besides, a faster loading site intrigues visitors to return for your content over and over again.

The load time is important, not only for desktop browsers but also for mobile devices. In a report, it is pointed out that mobile browsing has increased to 51 percent last year; which clearly shows how important mobile experience is for a site. So, apart from laptop and desktop browsing, mobile browser optimization should be considered.

But how do you decrease the loading time?

There are actually many ways that you can do it. But basically, switching to SSD hosting or VPS hosting will do the work for you.

Noisy Neighbors

Neighbors can be annoying and anti-social to you. So can be said for web hosts.

If your host is offering as much bandwidth and disk space as you require for only a few bucks then you are not alone. Although your host might not accept the fact, there’ll always be few people taking advantage. They will be the type of person who seeks out every last gram of processing power. Maybe they are running multiple RAM hungry scripts to support multiple affiliate sites or they are just using the server for blasting out emails to a list. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, that a small percentage of noisy neighbors will be hogging around your server’s resources.

Although there are different tools like CloudLinux that acts as an interrupter or a limiter on the power, which individual customers or clients can access, you need to ensure that your host already has these mitigation processes in use.

Access to non-standard software

Sometimes you may wish to use answer version for an existing software or a completely new software to pull off a specific task. Like, you may want to use the updated version of PHP, but sadly, your host doesn’t permit you to use them yet. Or maybe you need to use different software that is not as slow as the existing one.

In all these cases, you cannot but wait for the host to bring out the latest versions and install new software to use. That’s why, if you need to use various exotic tools, shared hosting might not be the best option for you.

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