Artificial Intelligence: Curse or Future For Web Designers?

Internet connected the world in the mid-80s and made our grasp on information easier. But then, there was no such thing as fast internet connection. Back then, websites were simple plain text in a decent background.

Now, it’s the era of wired connections and WiFis. Internet connections are faster than ever,and that’s why the webpages load faster than before. It gave the web designers complete freedom to add heavy scripts and bring variation to the webpages. Nowadays, these webpages are a combination of visual and audio contents, giving visitors a better understanding of the site context.

The contents not only gives you what you look for but also entertains you in a broader sense. That’s why site owners don’t hesitate to spend thousands of dollars in the industry.

But website hosting companies always try to make it more budget-friendly. They try to invent advanced and convenient ways for website owners to build the pages. That’s why, giant companies like Wix and Grid claim that they have found a cheaper alternative to costly web designers, which is an Artificial Intelligence, dedicated to helping build a beautiful and effective landing page. These AIs are built on some algorithms and codes, which were intended to help professional webmasters in the designing process.

Some may claim that the AIs are capable of designing a whole page all by themselves;and here comes the problem.

Although these algorithms are meant to help designers in reality, if they can design the site all by itself, there will be no need for professional web designers for designing a site.

For example, Wix is offering an AI assistance to its users that will only ask for the business or industry type and the name. In a matter of seconds, it will design you a beautiful landing page for your site without any professional human help.

This is a nightmare for web designers.

Even if the rumour is false, even if they are not capable of designing all by themselves, the workforce will still decrease in the involvement of web designing.

Generally, a professional designer always has a team to help him with the design. But when artificial intelligence tries to help professional webmasters, he won’t need any team to get the job done. As a result, the team of web designers will have to leave the industry or find something else to use their skills on.

Not only will the minor assistant designers face the consequences but also the pro designers will as well. They will be paid less as the site owners would be aware of the task being done with an AI.

But one thing that these AIs can’t guarantee is the satisfaction of the clients.

If you hire a professional web designer for your job, you can ask for changes you want. But with the AIs, you get a complete page and it difficult to make them understand if you need as light modification in a particular area. That’s why many site owners will still trust human minds for getting their job done according to their requirement. So, even if the AIs can design a webpage by itself, it can’t snatch the whole industry from professional designers.

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