Affiliate Programs That Don’t Require A Website
October 18, 2017

Want to be an affiliate? But don’t have a website?

Maybe you are a lazy person who doesn’t want to maintain a website, or you can’t afford or even have no knowledge about running a website. But you have interest in earning money from affiliate marketing programs, right?

So how will you do it?You are at the right place to know how.

Here are some of the most popular affiliate programs which don’t require any website:


To get started with your affiliate mission, ClickSure affiliate program is recommended by many marketers. It is a genuinelyopen network andhas an incredibly easy to use interface with no sign-up fees. Once you sign up and become a ClickSure affiliate, you will get 24/7 dedicated support and a bunch of highly advanced tools and resources to use. Besides, ClickSure provides you with a stack of diverse, high paying, popular offers to promote products with and to communicate with your advertisers easily.

ClickSure has a vast marketplace, and as a ClickSure affiliate, you will be able to promote a huge variety of products, from Internet marketing to adating website, casino and beauty products. Each product is owned by individual advertisers and they provide diversified offers to attract affiliates. You just need to forward the links to your to-be customers via email or blogs, no need for an actual website.

ClickSure provides weekly paychecks and a variety of payment methods to choose from.


If you want to enjoy unlimited earnings and a huge amount of commission for your affiliation, then sign up to MAGENTO AFFILIATE PROGRAM from Landofcoder. They will pay you from 10% upto 50% of commission depending on your sales revenue, and you can withdraw your earnings from any payment option you wish because Magento offers 10 plus popular payment gateways.

Like many affiliate programs, Magento also providesan easy and free signup process, a 24/7 support service and top quality extensions. Once you become a member of Magento, they will provide you a tracking link with an affiliate code to begin your affiliation. Simply make sure the codes and links are reaching to your audiences. Whether you do it via your social platforms or emails, you’ll get your share.


It’s free to join JVZoo as an affiliate. JVZoo has an enriched product list, and simply you’ll be able to search your preferable products for marketing.They offer bonus products with purchased ones thatattract the buyer without any difficulty.

They offer up to 100% instant commission. You’ll be paid the commissions directly to your PayPal account if you succeed inpromoting their products.You can see your campaign progress by their tracking ID.

You need not give any customer support because it’s the responsibility of vendors to deal with their clients.You just have to share your affiliate linkin your PPC ad campaigns,or you can use an email list.

Social media

It is the easiest and most efficient way of marketing.You can reach many friends and followers through facebook or twitter and advertise your product.

Affiliate forum

You can add your affiliate link in the signature of the forum post.After going through your post, people may click on the link. Digital point and wickedfire are two most popular affiliate forum.


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