Protect Your Brand’s Reputation in Facebook
August 7, 2017

The importance of protecting your brand’s image is more than spreading it. Every company tries heart and soul to keep a polished image in front of their customers. However, most times they fail due to poor advertising systems.

Recently The UK Times published an article reporting that Google was funding terrorism activities by allowing YouTube ads to appear on extremist videos. That’s why the topic of brand safety is being pushed firmly to the front. Large and small companies are getting concerned about digital ads.

What are the risky positions?

You could think that if you are advertising only on Facebook, it will only appear on the news feed of Facebook. But that’s not the case. If Facebook only posts ads on the news feed and on the right-hand side rail, they will lose a lot of ad revenue. That’s why they are using other sources.

FAN (Facebook Audience Network):

Itwas launched in 2014. FAN delivers smarter mobile monetization. It is a collection of Facebook authority approved websites and mobile apps where the ads are shown.

Instant Contents/Articles:

Instant Contents/Articles is a product for publishers which allow contents to load faster in a mobile web format.

In-Stream Videos:

In this format, a 5-15 second video ad will pop up in the middle of live and regular Facebook videos.

Here, the problem is you can only choose whether you want to use them or not; only Facebook will select on which video or instant article your ad will be shown. Their selection options are based on users, and a user can watch whatever he wants. It’s up to him whether he will watch a cat video or a web development tutorial.

Though each user is selecting different videos according to his preference to watch, people won’t understand that you don’t have any influence on your ad popping up in the middle of an extreme is video. If one lucky reporter takes a controversial snapshot and writes something negative about it, the impression of your brand among your customer and to-be customers will go down.

Now you may come up with the idea that you won’t use those services. But that’s how you will lose a lot of cost-effective inventory. To grow your advertisement efficiently, you must use those services.

How to protect yourself?

Until the last year, Facebook was not doing anything about brand protection. The FAN was a blind network for the advertisers that didn’t work out with individual advertisers. So, Facebook was forced to provide some control over ads. In 2016, they added the ability to block few a categories of placements on FAN. Now you know the places where your ad won’t appear.

However, you still don’t have complete control over your ads. So, in June, they declared that they would continuously roll out further controls.

Facebook is using this “we can see where the ads are appearing!” that is not 100% correct. You can only select some places where your ads won’t be showing.

Earlier, you could only block few categories to prevent your ads from showing in certain types of video. But now, it is much simpler because of Facebook’s new feature called account-level blocking. So, with those new features, your brands will be a lot safer in digital ads.

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