1 And 1 Web Hosting Review
July 6, 2017

Web hosting is a job with huge responsibilities. You need a reliable service provider who uses the best of their resources to make sure you get all the services required for website hosting. A good company will ensure your site’s security and its smoothness in loading. You will be able to contact their agents anytime for any difficulty. If that’s not the case, they are nota good choice.

Today I’m going to talk about a particular hosting service provider and their bad image in this industry. Yes, I’m talking about 1&1. You will not believe how many negative reviews they earned with complaints and curses. But you may be wondering –“why so much hatred against one company? There has to be a good reason for that.” And yes, there’s a list of it. I am going to discuss 1&1’s horrible services briefly and the complaints about them.

Their billing System:Most of the complaints I heard is about their poor billing system. Sometimes they will charge you even after you have canceled the subscription for a particular service. One of my friends told me that he was charged for the monthly bill even after he canceled the subscription.The worst thing is that their staff couldn’t help him get through this systematical glitch.

Don’t be surprised if they charge you for anything you didn’t ever subscribe for either. It seems to be pretty ordinary these days.

Fees:Besides their high monthly and yearly subscription charge, they are known for charging money for services that are not yet ordered by the users. And their domain registration price is higher than other renowned domain hosting providers.

Remember my friend who was charged without being subscribed to a service? He also had to pay $19.99 as a late fee and $5 credit card fee as well. What a mess.

Customer Service:Probably the worst customer service anyone can ever face. I know that they are using Philippines or other Asian call centers, but they should be aware enough of the company which they are representing. But 1&1’s agents seems to be unaware of their business policies and how they work. Such a shame!

One small tip for you. Don’t talk to the person who receives the call first. Ask for their supervisors. The first agents are like gatekeepers. They just make sure that your problem is suitable to go above. While talking to the agent, write down their Name and ID. If your problem is not solved at the first time (Which is more likely), you will need to call again and then the names and previous conversation will ease up the process. But even after all this trouble, there’s no guarantee you will get what you need.

To be honest, their service is not even worth a phone call. I won’t fall for its service even if I got it for free. If you are still with its hosting service, you may have found something that is worth your money. But if you didn’t and just using the service occasionally, you can still transfer your domain to a different host before you get into any trouble with customer service and their glitchy payment system.

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