The Best PayPal Alternatives To Make Your Life Easier

Paypal is the easiest and most reliable online money transfer service since its beginning. This giant company is available in 200 countries (including sovereign nations) and supports over 25 currencies. But Paypal has still some limitations so you may look for an alternative.

Paypal is still not available in 28 countries. And you can have an account in 83 countries, but you can’t withdraw money to a bank account. In other 64 countries, you can only transfer money to a US bank account. That means Paypal is available but doesn’t provide full service in 147 countries. So if you are in those 147+28=175 countries, you would want an alternative for the full freedom of an online payment service. Furthermore, your account may get suspended if you break Paypal’s rules. That’s why today I’ve come up with the best 6 Paypal alternatives to make your life easier.

  • Google Wallet:Google Wallet is currently available only in the United States. But it accepts debit and credit cards from other countries. It is more like a worldwide digital wallet rather than a payment platform, but it can be used in the US for paying in stores with NFC-enabled Android devices. The best thing about Google Wallet is that it has no charges for each time you make a payment which makes it very easy and user-friendly. The main difference between Google Wallet and PayPal is that Google Wallet is only for merchants. You cannot make a P2P transaction through Google Wallet. Besides it only accepts USD currencies.
  • Skrill:According to their function, Skrill is very similar to PayPal. Though it can be used to make aP2P transaction and merchant pay, they mainly focus on P2P. That’s why Skrill is the main competitor to PayPal.However, it only works with other online banking services in certain countries, but you can also accept payments from credit cards and debit cards. The charges are different for each country.
  • Payoneer: It is an easy solution for online shopping, supported in most countries. Once you register for their service, they’ll grant you a free prepaid MasterCard which will be delivered to your home. You won’t be chargedto activate the card, but an annual fee will be applicable. The card can be loadedwith local banks, credit cards or P2P transactions. You can also withdraw money from your localATM by paying asmall

The best part of Payoneer is that they also provide a Community Federal Savings Bank account along with the MasterCard. So if Paypal allows withdrawing to only US bank accounts in your country, then you can use that bank account to withdraw your money from Paypal.

Payza:Formerly known asAlertPay. Though Payzais based in Canada and US, They allow you to receive money from more than 190+ countries across 21 currencies.They also support bank transfer and credit cards. With invoices, you can receive money from any person.

Creating an account is free here but for services like transferring money, withdrawing money, etc. costs a small fee.They havean excellent reputation for security features, and you can manage multiple businesses with just one Payza account.

  • Paymate: It’s a great way for retailers or sellers based in New Zealand and Australia to receive payments from international buyers in other countries. Retailers can use Paymate for their website or on eBay Australia with a minimum fee.
  • WePay:Besides featuring fraud protection and stellar customer service, We Pay is a great alternative for PayPal because customers can make purchases without leaving your website, through a virtual terminal.

Now, you can consider your requirement for a payment platform and choose one that suits your need and charges lesser amounts than PayPal. This way you can save both your money and avoid complication in paying and receiving funds.


Charles K. Carillo

Posted in Internet