Marketing An Online Business

Thousands of different websites are launched and re-launched every month. Starting a business online has become an increasingly easy and inexpensive endeavor. With a couple clicks of the mouse, a novice web designer is able to create an online; blog, ecommerce store or a website to promote a company’s already operating business. This is great for all new and existing business owners, however; it makes it very difficult for your online business to stick out from the pack.

Search engine optimization (SEO) was previously the most widely utilized method of online marketing, but it takes time and money to organically move up in the search engines. It is a great long-term marketing tactic for any online or offline business and is suggested that webmasters start working on SEO once their website is completed. The only problem being is that it takes time. It is highly recommended that marketers engage other forms of promotion that will start driving targeted traffic quickly and then as the website starts ranking well in the search engines, the company is able to reduce these advertising dollars and focus mainly on SEO.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the quickest way to drive targeted traffic to your website. It is also the most expensive. Businesses in certain, highly competitive industries may find themselves paying upwards of $15 per click. If your business makes $1,500+ per sale and is paying $15 per click, it makes sense, but every business needs to evaluate their normal profit per sale and what is the highest cost per sale they can spend. PPC is a great option but it must be watched very closely because the costs can quickly increase.

Social media marketing is a great way of sending traffic to your business. It is quick and easy to setup, as well as inexpensive to launch. Facebook advertising for example, is able to be started for only a few dollars a day and the cost per click/engagement is a fraction of PPC. Social media marketing is definitely the best option for getting the most targeted traffic for your dollar.

The most beautiful and interactive website is worthless if no one knows about it. The majority of webmasters spend more time and money marketing their website than building it. Marketing is the key to any successful online business. Do your research, but the only real way to test your marketing campaign is by testing.

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