Year: 2017

Design Your Site With A Goal in Mind

Aneye-catching website increases your credibility and helps you earn a decent amount of money. And even if you don’t expect higher revenue but rather positive publicity, it can do that as well. Think of the site as a stranger. When

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Build Yourself As A Brand, Mind The Small Technical Things

Along with excellent client management skills, charming appearance of your brand and its charismatic personality, it is of utmost importance to build and shape your personal brand so that it seems realistic yet attracting. This is because, clients and potential

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5 Productivity Tools for a Sole Proprietor

Solopreneurs or Sole proprietors, are the owner-manager-director of his company and he is the sole responsible person for the company’s every small and big decision or action. It may sound very easy but practically in the field, it’s tough as

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Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce SEO Without Linkbuilding

Link building is not easy. Even if you do the backlinking for your e-commerce store yourself, there is no guarantee you will get the success you expect from your efforts because you are competing against the big names and budgets.

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Why Should Small And Medium Businesses Start Accepting Bitcoin?

Since you are reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you are a marketer or an entrepreneur and you know exactly how painful it is to collect payments from your clients and customers. You might also have heard of

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Have You Outgrown Your Web Hosting?

Not too many moons ago, we were given only a limited amount of choices for the bandwidth and disk space. But now we have literally unlimited options to choose from. And with the decrease of hosting and maintenance charges, we

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Clicks To Customers: Ways To Improve Website Sales

In this ultra-competitive world, it’s very difficult to move your business from the bottom to the top. You need to do something extraordinary to highlight your business separately in the spotlight. But it will be tough if you are still

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Artificial Intelligence: Curse or Future For Web Designers?

Internet connected the world in the mid-80s and made our grasp on information easier. But then, there was no such thing as fast internet connection. Back then, websites were simple plain text in a decent background. Now, it’s the era

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Is Crowdfunding Safe For Investors?

There are lots of people who actually have some cash and are really interested in investing in new and exciting ideas. For them, crowdfunding provides an excellent opportunity to invest in something exciting. But, it is your hard earned money,

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10 Tools For Creating Engaging Content For Social Media

It’s really important to create engaging and audience attracting content for your business or service. But it’s not easy unless you get help from some pro level tools. So here I’m giving 10 amazing tools that might prove useful for

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